December 29, 2020  |  David R. Novak

Into The Black

Into The Black

Friends, subscribers, fellow humans,

We’ve reached a pause. One year. What a year.

I came up with this idea for sharing weekly content in late summer/early fall of 2019. I didn’t see anyone talking about communication as I was envisioning and I was looking for an outlet. I wanted to write for an audience even if I didn’t know who that audience was, or is. A newsletter about communication seemed like a good idea and I am very glad I tried this project. It was a challenge and I treated it as such.

Before I started Spark the Fire, I figured that after a year of writing the worst I’d be is closer to my book draft. I am certainly much closer but also think this year’s effort was a moderate success.

So, this edition marks the end of this newsletter in this current form. I will be pausing from sending you anything for some time as I have a book draft to complete. This is my main writing goal for 2021. These last 12 months taught me the challenge it is to get my own mind around these difficult ideas and package them in a way that will engage people. That has been much of the work of these last 12 months. I believe what I’m working on is going to be great.

I hope you’ll stay subscribed because you will hear from me again, just not for a little while and not in the form of a weekly article. When the book moves along, you’ll hear from me. The ideas that I’m choosing to include in my book draft will be far better served in book form than they were chopped up in a weekly newsletter.

Have a comment or some ideas of things I should write about? Any quirks about communication you’ve noticed? Feel free to send any smart observations to me at [drn [at]]. Something you’d like me to pontificate on? Or shut up about? Let me know. I might even listen to you.

I appreciate the accompaniment on this little newsletter endeavor. I hope you found it useful or thought provoking. I look forward to sharing more and am grateful for you’re interest. I think I’ve got a couple of fun tricks up my sleeve. I hope you’ll stick around.

Signing off for now,