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About MeDavid standing in front of a brick wall and a lamp.

I've spent 20+ years pursuing and exploring communication's mysteries: as a student, professor, speaker, researcher, writer, teacher, and consultant. Degrees alone do not make experts, but I have 3 of them including a Ph.D. from Ohio University. 3 degrees, big whoop. I haven't even written a book yet. It's coming. I don't see communication how most people see it, but I guess I'll have to prove that to you.

If you've found my page and are looking to learn and think about communication, my book is what you've been waiting for. It's going to explain quite a bit of how things work. Unfortunately for you, it's still in process. Communication doesn't have easy solutions as much as you might want them, but that doesn't mean there aren't answers. I have 'em, some of 'em. They're coming. When that all happens, this page will update. You can sign up for updates on the landing page or maybe, someday if what I do is good enough, you'll hear about it. And if not, that's ok too. If you're interested in any quirky ideas about communication, check out the archive of the 52-week newsletter I ran in 2020. As it turns out, a global pandemic year is a good year to create embarassing first drafts of your thinking on lots of communication issues. Surprised you didn't hear about it. Anyways, I've preserved those for who might be interested if you want to read some rough sketches of ideas that will be much more polished in this book I've been going on about.

I studied at Illinois State University and the aforementioned Ohio University. I've worked for a pair of business consulting firms for a while. Prior to that, I also worked as professor at Clemson University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and DePaul University. I am available by email at drn (at symbol) davidrnovak (dOt) com.



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