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Understanding Communication BetterDavid standing in front of a brick wall and a lamp.

Humans are social. We need others to survive. We cooperate. When we talk and listen - when we communicate - many exciting things happen. Communication is connection: a process that resides at the center of everything humans make together. I'm sort of a mad scientist meets philosopher who mucks into the goo of communication so you don't have to. I'm here to explain to you how some things work. My perspective is rooted in science but communication is also a bit more than science. It's philosophy. It's an approach. It's squishy.

My book (currently drafting) is all about how communication works - an explanatory guide to the essentials of communicating with other human beings. Perspective unlike anything you've ever seen. Part mad-scientist. Part punkrocker metalhead. Lays waste to the false idols of communication worshipped by many. It will blow some minds. Communication is widely misunderstood -- ironic given how much attention we pay to it.

My perspective on communication is holistic and grand yet centers on relationships. If you communicate better, relationships get better and nearly all of communication can be tied back to relationships in some way, shape, form, or idea. Relationships are what matters to a good life and it's communication that builds and makes those relationships.

I've spent 20+ years pursuing and exploring communication's mysteries: as a student, professor, speaker, researcher, writer, teacher, and consultant. Degrees alone do not make experts, but I have 3 of them including a Ph.D from Ohio University. I worked as a professor at respected universities for 10 years before quitting the academic rat race for other pusuits.

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CommUnication seems easy, but people often struggle with it. Why?

Why does communication Rarely seem to get better?

WE communicate all the time, sHouldN't We be better at it? These are Tough questions.